Structural pellets in the cowshed

Cattle are temperamental animals. Regardless of whether they are dairy cows or beef cattle – they will all feel well and will be healthy if their shed is suitably equipped for them. This is especially the case if the lying areas have been littered with structural pellets. Because these provide a dry, clean and soft “bed”.

Special requirements for cattle/cows

Clean, comfortable and safe – these three criteria are decisive for the well-being and at the same time for the performance of the cows, most of which are kept in low-lying stalls. These goals are best achieved by using structural pellets as litter material. This is because they bind the moisture in the lying stall extremely well, disintegrate gradually and form a mattress which covers the floor evenly. The animals lie very comfortably and cleanly on this mattress which also benefits udder health. In addition, the animals can lie down and stand up very safely in the lying stalls. The same applies to cattle kept in a deep litter shed.

Advantages of structural pellets
for cattle


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