Pellets – only the best for our horses

Very sensitive and eager to run – this is an apt description of a horse. On the one hand, quadrapeds react very sensitively to dusty air in the stable. On the other hand, due to their strong urge to move, they need a surface which is as non-slip as possible. By using structural pellets as bedding, you ensure a secure footing for your horses and improved stable hygiene.

Healthy stable air

The ingress of dust from straw chaff spread in the stable triggers allergic reactions in many horses. You can significantly reduce chronic respiratory diseases and associated veterinary costs by using litter consisting of low-dust structural pellets. These structure-rich pellets absorb moisture very well and subsequently form a soft and at the same time firm mattress. Your horses can move safely on this non-slip floor covering which is easy on the joints. Thanks to the high absorbency, you need a considerably smaller amount of structural pellets than, for example, litter made of straw chaff.

At the same time, you also reduce the time and quantity when mucking out. This will ultimately have a positive effect on your ongoing running costs.

Litter with many advantages

According to horse owners, straw pellets are very easy to handle: “We spread just enough pellets to cover the floor of the horse stall. Gradually, the coarse and structure-rich straw pellets bind the moisture present in the stall and disintegrate more and more, so that after a short time the stable floor is completely covered by a proper straw mattress. Only after a good two weeks are pellets applied again. Until then, all you have to do is pick up the horse droppings every day and smooth out the straw mattress a little”. Compared to the finer industrial pellets used as litter on a trial basis in the past, which were extremely hard and therefore disintegrated poorly, the coarse structural pellets are not so easily pushed away, according to Gutzke-Spenrath. This means that even a little litter material is enough to keep the horses dry and clean in their stalls. Thanks to the high absorption effect of these pellets, it is expected that recurring hoof diseases such as thrush and mallenders will be very effectively prevented.


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